2nd International Diabesity and

Metabolic Surgery Summit (IDMSS)  

October 26-27, 2022

Tel Aviv, Israel

Diabetes and Obesity are related diseases that result in significant morbidity and mortality. Once considered afflictions of the developed world, they have become twin endemics throughout the world and across all cultures and economic conditions. 

The focus of our forthcoming IDMSS 2022 will be the relationship between obesity and type 2 diabetes and their associated complications and the beneficial results obtainable from metabolic/bariatric surgery.  This Summit is therefore vital to increase the international knowledge of these procedures and stimulate the investigation and development of new and more effective treatments.  The Summit will bring together many of the world experts in the fields of metabolic surgery and medicine.  A wide range of related topics will be presented, discussed and debated.  The range and scope of the program are a must for all clinicians caring for patients suffering from metabolic diseases. 

If you are a surgeon, physician, endocrinologist, gastroenterologist, nurse, dietician, hospital administrator, or other who have an interest in Diabesity and Metabolic Remedies, this Summit is for you.


The Summit includes didactic state-of-the-art presentations, debates, panel discussions, and a best paper presentation contest.  There will also be ample time to interact with the faculty and the industry partners with interest in metabolic procedures.  READ MORE

Photo courtesy of Tel-Aviv Yaffo municipality. Artist: Kfir Sivan